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Jul 15, 2012 How do i check the serial number of my handset? Nokia How to check firmware Your Nokia cell phone uses the best sound quality but talk time isMisc Where can I find the serial number of my Nokia product? Nokia support. Nokia Health support; Phones support; Virtual Reality support; Phones. See all Nokia nokia phones check serial number

Dec 24, 2015  there a way to bring the phones serial number up like you Nokia Phones; Nokia Lumia 920; How do I find my phones serial number? (looking at

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May 31, 2018 Looking at the pictures of phones on the Nokia How do I find model number of Nokia phone? 1. The Serial number is printed on a label inside your mobile phone and you need to switch off your mobile phone and remove the battery to find the label. Its a safe location and your serial is always available there unless your mobile phone was dropped in water and the number gets erased. phones check serial number Our support agents may ask you the serial number of your Nokia product. This information allows them to retrieve diagnostics and usage

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Apr 22, 2017  Displays the serial number also known as the IMEI number. # # Displays the IMEI and also information about when the phone was made. The following codes only work on newer Nokia phones: # 2820# Displays the phones Bluetooth address. # 7760# Displays the Production Serial Number. # 7780# This resets the nokia phones check serial number How to check Your Airtel number on Phone. you will need the Code to check your Airtel number any time you need it. My Serial Number; You will need the model number of your Nokia cell phone before How to Find the Model Number of My Nokia The easiest way to find the number is to check