Application of dsp in biomedical

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Biomedical Applications: DSP is used extensively in the field of biomedicine. In it, the various signals that are generated by the different organs in the human body are measured in order to find information regarding the health of the same.Medical applications of dsp 1. MEDICAL APPLICATIONS OF DSP Made by Digisha Singhal 13bec026 Kinjal Aggrawal 13bec054 Guided by Dr. Mehul Naik 2. 1. Introduction 2. Applications 3. Hearing aid 4. Brain signals electroencephalogram 5. The acquisition of a blood pressure signal 6. References 3. application of dsp in biomedical

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Biomedical applications of DSP: Digital Signal Processing techniques are used in the biomedical field for monitoring, diagnosis process and analysis of application of dsp in biomedical ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Vol. I Digital Signal Processing Applications in Medicine Paulo S. R. Diniz, David M. Simpson, A. De Stefano, Ronaldo C. Gismondi Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) the fast developing digital integrated circuit technology, which in turn allows for high performance computing machines at DSP is very often used method in a biomedical engineering research. Medical instruments would be less efficient for precise diagnoses if there were no digital electrocardiography (ECG) analyzers or digital xrays and medical image systems. 5. APPLICATION OF DSP IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING DSP APPLICATIONS Biomedical signal processing encompasses the entire spectrum of health and wellness. It is the basis of how engineering aids the field of medicine. Medicine is an empirical field.