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2020-02-23 23:19

The Nokia 808 PureView is a Symbianpowered smartphone first unveiled on 27 February 2012 at the Mobile World Congress. It is the first smartphone to feature Nokia's PureView Pro technology, a pixel oversampling technique that reduces an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution picture, thus achieving higher definition and lightMar 08, 2013  The Nokia 808 PureView is a Nokia Belle powered smartphone, first unveiled on 27 February 2012 at the Mobile World Congress. It is the first smartphone to feature pic of nokia 808

Nokia has announced the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone at Mobile World Congress, a device that will come with a 41megapixel camera. Yes, you read that right, 41megapixels of camera goodness, allowing you to take pictures the size of billboards.

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41megapixel Nokia 808 PureView The Nokia 808 PureView has a 4inch 360x640 display with Gorilla glass. Three buttons sit just below the display (left to right) Call Answer Nokia 808 PureView smartphone gallery highresolution pictures, official photospic of nokia 808 Oct 09, 2012 The Nokia 808 PureView's large CMOS sensor has 41MP total, outputting a maximum of 38MP (resolution drops to 36MP in 16: 9 aspect ratio). Such a high resolution sensor would be little more than a stunt if the camera specifications aren't up to scratch, but Nokia has designed the 808 to be a serious photographic tool.

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Nokia PureView 808 in Camera Phones The Nokia PureView 808 features a whopping 41 megapixel 11. 2inch sensor a Carl Zeiss Tessar f2. 4 wide angle lens takes care of pic of nokia 808 Nokia 808 Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Nokia 808 Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes. com Nokia 808 PureView smartphone. Announced Feb 2012. Features 4. 0 AMOLED display, 41 MP (38 MP primary camera, 1400 mAh battery, When the Nokia 808 PureView was announced earlier this year its 41MP camera sensor and innovative PureView pixel oversampling made headlines all over the world. On paper, the 808 offers the most advanced camera features of any previous smartphone. Read our review to find out how it performs.