Android phone keeps downloading f.txt

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2020-02-28 05:15

Mar 13, 2015  Wow! This happens to me too, I'm just randomly watching a youtube video and all of a sudden download complete And IDec 16, 2014 Not even asking on my Android phone just downloaded itself, this really is about as low as it gets for any website even if it is harmless. android phone keeps downloading f.txt

Mar 29, 2015 Hi guys, I was using Google Chrome and was watching an episode of Walking Dead on AMC website and suddenly, a text file, f. txt, was automatically downloaded into my download folder without permission.

android phone keeps

Android may have a more open platform than Apple, but with that comes the potential for malware. Google is trying to take steps to correct it with things like Google Play Protect, but its still out there. WIth a little bit of care, though, its pretty easy to keep your phone safe and malwarefree. My Android mobile keeps downloading files. posted in Android OS: Hi, I have noticed over the last few weeks that my Android phone keeps downloading around 50 files. These files are not named but have alphanumerical names. I have Avast on the mobile but that doesnt find anything. Any ideas? Thanks ETandroid phone keeps downloading f.txt Sep 02, 2015  Hi A few days ago I clicked on a file from a FB page. It s a pdf document from a friend however since then it keeps downloading automatically over

Free Android phone keeps downloading f.txt

I was on google mail and open up a email from one of my friends to look at her reume. I transfer it over to windows and then as I went to go on to indeed. com, this file f. txt keeps coming up asking me do I want to save it it notepad default or open it. android phone keeps downloading f.txt